Transformative skincare

Transformative skincare

The gift that keeps on giving

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The gift that keeps on giving

The Advent Calendar is the ultimate gift for any skincare enthusiast. Whether you are new to MANTLE or a seasoned skincare fan, this advent calendar is for you. Inside you will find five full-size products, perfect for a holiday glow-up and the cold months to come.

What’s inside

While the specific contents of The Advent Calendar are a surprise, what can be said is that the products chosen are the ultimate introduction to our innovative formulas. Each drawer contains a seasonally selected product, suitable for all skin types and especially beneficial during winter.

The Advent Calendar

Winter glow-up tips

To maintain healthy skin this holiday season, here are some tips:

  1. Hydrate. The air tends to get dryer during the winter, which means our skin loses a lot of hydration and can more easily become irritated. Apply our multi-depth hydration fluid The Shroom Essence, to plump and hydrate your skin. 
  2. Moisturise. As the temperature drops our skin needs a little extra help maintaining moisture levels. Our nourishing multi-purpose balm, The Calm Balm, is perfect to apply to any area in need of a little extra TLC, be it your lips, hands, eyelids, or wherever. 
  3. Use SPF. While it may not always feel necessary, SPF is always a must, especially if you’re headed off on a ski trip. Apply The SPF daily to keep your skin protected from UV rays (even if you feel like they’re not there).

PS. The products mentioned in this list may or may not be included in The Advent Calendar. You’ll just have to wait and see. 

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