Transformative skincare

Transformative skincare

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"Really lovely cleanser. Gentle on my skin and always left it feeling soft and hydrated, never stripped!"


"The Glow Serum has me FLOORED with the glow it gives the skin."


"I've been using MANTLE for some months now and I love how calm and smooth my skin feels with these products💛"


"MANTLE has now been in my beauty routine for 1 year. I love this brand. It gives my skin the right amount of hydration, calms my skin and gives it the right glow.” 


“Being an oily skin girl I would’ve never bought an oily serum myself -but this serum will never leave my bathroom shelf. It’s too good. And it’s oily skin/acne prone friendly."


"I'm still obsessing over the Chill Cream and The Glow Serum! They are my forever go-to’s”


"My cleansing routine is something I'd never skip, and this one leaves my skin balanced and nourished. A moment to reboot, calm my mind and take care of my skin."


"My current obsession."


"in loveee w how my skin has been looking lately from using MANTLE. 🤍 Since using The Glow Serum my skin looks so dewy and fresh that I don't feel the need to add anything else, it's perfect for no makeup days!"


“​My new beauty crush The Eyes Cream! It's perfect for the sensitive area around my eyes💛 ”


"I just cannot get over how much MANTLE has changed my skin, it has never looked better😭 The Glow Serum really does give MODEL skin."


"The Chill Cream has quickly become my AM routine fav, for one big reason. It doesn't make my face shiny whilst providing a good deal of moisture for the whole day. And as a result I need to use much less setting powder to control the shine on oily areas of my face."


"Chill Cream has become one of my favorites, it's easy to apply and gives me a beautiful glow!"


"Since I started using The Dream Mask I haven’t had one single flare up of my rosacea. Their products are amazing!! Love The Glow Serum that calms and soothes the red and reactive skin on my cheeks."


"I'm in love with @mantle_skin💙 Both me and my boyfriend use the products daily. Our absolute favorite is The Glow Serum. Also love The Must Mist."


"✨ CLEAN BEAUTY DUPE ✨ I can immediately see and feel the difference as the serum plumps, smoothens and rejuvenates the skin. No wonder why it has the name as it literally make my skin bounce with a healthy glow ✨This one is definitely a keeper👌🏻"


"After having used The Glow Serum regularly my skin now feels more balanced, calm and healthy. This product lasts forever so you come along way with its 30 ml."


"I love this dream mask, 4 real. Its real nice and I don't even have to wash it off, it just stays on all night & i wake up feeling niice — all hail lazy and good products 💫"


"MANTLE has been working wonders on keeping my skin hydrated and glowy! I'm currently testing out the Wow Serum and loving it!"


"Every morning The Wow Serum makes sure my skin is fully hydrated before adding the ultra nourishing Rich Creme. Leaving my skin perfectly glowing and 100% protected 🦋 I can honestly say my skin never looked better!"


"During winter it's crucial for me to give my skin some extra care in order to stay balanced and not dry and break out. The Dream Mask & the Calm Balm are two complete heroes on the bathroom shelf"


"This dewy serum is healthy skin in an instant! I've never used a product like it✨"


"I've been using MANTLE for almost four months now. I have a glow that I didn’t have before and the red spots on my skin that annoy me so much are not visible anymore!!"


"I am super obsessed with The Calm Balm! I love using it at night and a little on extra dry areas in the morning. It also gives my skin a natural dewy finish as a highlighter."


"WOW, this scrub makes my skin feel like silk. Also doesn't leave the floor greasy or make a mess."

"Beloved MANTLE creates magic! The Rich Cream is a thicker cream that will be perfect this coming cold season. It works so well to layer with their lovely The Glow Serum💛✨"


"When the only thing you need to look and feel 💫 is concealer - then you have to thank MANTLE for creating such genius products!"


"The Calm Balm is the loveliest lip balm I've used! It can also be used on any dry patches of skin you have, or as a natural highlighter for a dewy look."


"MANTLE is doing wonders for my acne prone skin!!!🥺"


"I honestly can't believe how good this serum is!!! It gives me an incredible glow and this is my second bottle in two months. That's how much I love it"


"This balm has the most amazing texture and scent. My lips are 👶-smooth!"


"Skin so soft you might mistake your face for a literal baby's bottom!"


"MANTLE completely changed my life. My acne and inflamed skin completely healed. They gave me confidence in my skin again, I don't have to wear make-up anymore and feel so pure. Truly the best brand I know."


"The change in weather is always very hard for my scandinavian skin. This is when I know it's time to change to my heavier skin care products and go to The Rich Cream with plenty of The Glow Serum underneath."


"Every morning every night, love using this mist!"


"Wow Serum has fixed my skin. For real, this is amazing and I'm already scared to finish it. Wow is right."


"This particular mist is beautiful. Soothing, replenishing and hydrating. Plus the mist mechanism is incredible. It gives you such a fine & even distribution of product. I am a huge fan!"


"There are no other products that calms my skin and hydrates it the way MANTLE does. A while back I found out that I have light rosacea and these products have been helping me to calm things down."


"I’ve been testing out @mantle_skin since early June, and immediately fell in love ~ The G l o w serum is my absolute favorite product atm!"


"Definitely love at first sight. Been trying these beautiful products for a while now and they’re already becoming a favourite of mine."