Transformative skincare

Transformative skincare

    New in: The Retinol Serum

    Meet the new generation of retinol

    Meet the new generation of retinol

    “The new Scandi skincare brand that actually works”

    A “cult Scandinavian beauty brand”

    “Subtle but incredibly effective”

    The new generation of retinol
    The new generation of retinol

    The new generation of retinol

    The Retinol Serum features highly bioavailable encapsulated retinol, penetrating deeper into the skin, delivering maximal results with minimal irritation. Combined with an innovative blend of bakuchiol, isoflavones and chlorophyll, The Retinol Serum leaves skin firmer, smoother and clearer.

    Find the routine for your skin
    Find the routine for your skin

    Find the routine for your skin

    Whether you have sensitive, dry, acne-prone or mature skin, we have a routine that will transform your complexion. Discover the combination of nourishing and strengthening formulas that will best suit your skin type.

    Discover the routines

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    "Really lovely cleanser. Gentle on my skin and always left it feeling soft and hydrated, never stripped!"


    "The Glow Serum has me FLOORED with the glow it gives the skin."


    "I've been using MANTLE for some months now and I love how calm and smooth my skin feels with these products💛"


    "MANTLE has now been in my beauty routine for 1 year. I love this brand. It gives my skin the right amount of hydration, calms my skin and gives it the right glow.” 


    “Being an oily skin girl I would’ve never bought an oily serum myself -but this serum will never leave my bathroom shelf. It’s too good. And it’s oily skin/acne prone friendly."


    "I'm still obsessing over the Chill Cream and The Glow Serum! They are my forever go-to’s”


    "My cleansing routine is something I'd never skip, and this one leaves my skin balanced and nourished. A moment to reboot, calm my mind and take care of my skin."


    "My current obsession."