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Rosacea: What it is + the best skincare routine for sensitive skin

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Rosacea: What it is +  the best skincare routine for sensitive skin

Rosacea is a skin condition that causes long-term redness. It can also cause enlarged blood vessels, dry patches and spots. While the exact cause of rosacea is unknown, there are known treatment methods to help calm and balance the redness, including antibiotics and prescription creams. Adapting your skincare routine can also have a positive effect on the skin, with azelaic acid being a popular ingredient to incorporate. 

Rosacea safe skincare

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition, but its symptoms can be managed and the risk of irritation can be minimised with a routine focused on soothing and strengthening products. Rashes can be triggered by active products containing powerful exfoliating acids or retinoids, so a mild routine designed to soften and care for the skin is preferable. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial azelaic acid is a gentle treatment option to relieve and counteract redness.

MANTLE’s rosacea recommendations

  1. Cleanse using The Magic Milk if you have oily skin or The Bare Balm if you are on the dryer side. 
  2. Spitz your face with The Must Mist to boost hydration and soothe the skin. 
  3. Apply a pea-sized amount of The Treat to the most affected areas. Enriched with 10% azelaic acid, it helps minimise redness, tackle breakouts and calm the complexion.
  4. If you often have breakouts related to your rosacea, apply our non-comedogenic moisturising gel, The Face Jelly. If you are dealing with dry patches and need more moisture, use our balancing and nourishing moisturiser, The Chill Cream
  5. Last but not least, nourish your skin and lock in hydration with The Glow Serum

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