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A short guide to serums

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A short guide to serums

The world of serums can feel vast and confusing, and you may not know where to start. First of all, let's establish what a serum is. Serums are designed to deliver powerful ingredients directly into the skin, thanks to smaller molecules that can penetrate more deeply. A serum is meant to be applied after cleansing but before moisturiser. If applied after your moisturiser, it is unlikely the formula will be able to surpass the larger molecules found in moisturiser, making it essentially useless.

Manoeuvring the serum jungle

When it comes to serums, there are plenty to choose from. To figure out which serum you need in your skincare routine, you need to know your skin type. If you have dry skin, a deeply hydrating + moisturising serum is the way to go. If acne-prone, a serum with an exfoliating active can do wonders. For surface-dry skin, you want to look for water-based formulas ideally featuring hyaluronic acid.

Which MANTLE serum suits you best?

We have created five serums (so far). Here’s a quick guide:

The Glow Serum - This oil-based formula, enriched with liquorice root extract and bisabolol, is ultra-nourishing and moisturising, perfect for dryer skin types in need of a revitalising boost.

The Wow Serum - With highly stable vitamin C, light-reflecting pigments, and hyaluronic acid, this serum helps reduce pigmentation for a brighter, more even complexion – perfect for all skin types looking for a little more radiance.

The Smoothing Serum - Featuring three powerful peptides and hyaluronic acid, this formula plumps fine lines, increases skin elasticity, boosts collagen production and hydrates, ideal for mature skin.

The Rebound Serum - Featuring botanical stem cells, peptides, and hyaluronic acid, this formula provides deep hydration, helps plump fine lines and increases skin elasticity, ideal for mature skin.

The Treat - Technically a treatment product, this formula features 10% azelaic acid to help combat congested pores and redness, making it the ultimate formula for acne-prone skin types.

The Retinol Serum - Our newest arrival features 0.3% encapsulated retinol to increase cell regeneration, boost collagen production, minimise pigmentation and firm skin. This serum is ideal for mature, acne-prone and sun-damaged skin.


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